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What to do in case of a license issue? - Knowledgebase / Setup / update - Lauterbach Support

What to do in case of a license issue?

Each request on any license issue should include the following items:

1. Details about the TRACE32 system on which the problem occurs.

Please use the latest support.cmm to generate this information. (

If it is not possible to execute support.cmm for some reason, please add at least the following information:

  • Used target CPU (e.g. CortexA9)
  • Used debug cable: type, serial number, hardware revision.
  • Used debug module (e.g. PowerDebug USB 2.0, PowerDebug Ethernet) (VERSION.HARDWARE).
  • Revision number and date of the used Lauterbach software (VERSION.SOFTWARE).
  • Details about other plugged Lauterbach hardware (e.g. a Preprocessor, a second debug module)
  • The content of the LICENSE.LIST window. (printer.clipboard + winprint.license.list)

2. Serial number of the affected DebugCable / NexusAdapter / CombiProbe / Preprocessor.

3. Description of the problem.

4. Description or copy of the error messages, if some appear.

5. If you have the feeling that it is a problem with the DebugCable (or NexusAdapter / CombiProbe / Preprocessor) add the raw license information to your request. (If no serial numbers are shown in the VERSION window, it is most likely that there is something wrong with the Debug-Cable.)

You can use cablestate.cmm to gather this raw license information:

If it is not possible to execute cablestate.cmm, for some reason, please attach the first 256 bytes of the corresponding "bus ee:" windows:

bus ee:00000 /BYTE /WIDTH 16. for DebugCable or CombiProbe
bus ee:30000 /BYTE /WIDTH 16. for NexusAdapter
bus ee:90000 /BYTE /WIDTH 16. for Preprocessor

Ask the customer to send ASCII screenshots of the "bus ee:" window.

Use the following commands to copy the data to the clipboard in a text form, e.g. of a DebugCable:

printer.clipboard winprint.bus ee:0

Note: If the content of a "bus ee:" window is showing always "0xde 0xad", it is rather likely that the corresponding license module is not plugged or there is a problem in the PowerDebug module.

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