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Can I download an old TRACE32 release? - Knowledgebase / Setup / update - Lauterbach Support

Can I download an old TRACE32 release?

Only the latest TRACE32 release is available for download on the Lauterbach website or using the TRACE32 Software Updater. If you need an old TRACE32 release, please submit a ticket and add the following information:

  • The reason why you need an older TRACE32 release

  • The serial number(s) of the debug cable(s) you are using. The serial number starts with a 'C' followed by 11 digits and is printed on the back of the debug cable. It is also displayed in TRACE32 PowerView after selection the menu Help > About TRACE32.

  • The target processor architecture(s) you are using.

Please note that only architecture specific updates (no full installations) are possible in this case. Architecture specific updates can only be generated for registered customers. In case you are not registered, please register under before requesting the old TRACE32 version.
It is generally not possible to provide old interim versions.

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