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Data.LOAD returns the error "entry near offset ..." - Knowledgebase / TRACE32 PowerView - Lauterbach Support

Data.LOAD returns the error "entry near offset ..."

This error message can have the following reasons:

  • The object file is corrupted. Please try to re-compile the file.
  • The object file has been compiled for a different architecture that the one started with TRACE32 PowerView. You get this error message e.g. if you are loading an ELF file compiled for x86 on TRACE32 PowerView for Arm.
  • The file has a format which is not supported by your TRACE32 version. This can happen e.g. if you are using a compiler version newer than the used TRACE32 software. Please try to update to the latest TRACE32 release available on the website, or request an interim software update from
  • The object file has a format which is not yet supported by TRACE32 PowerView. Please contact and include the object file if possible.
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