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How can I realize a silent installation under Windows? - Knowledgebase / Setup / update - Lauterbach Support

How can I realize a silent installation under Windows?

1. For a simple software roll out of a company unique TRACE32 software installation, a network mount/drive will be used and the content of the TRACE32 DVD should be in a special directory on a server

xcopy D:\*.*  N:\TRACE32DVD_201011  /E /V /L         // drive and directory name are only an example

2. Record once a TRACE32 installation with the following instructions inside a command shell window:

    cd N:\TRACE32DVD_202109\files\bin\setup64           // drive name N: and the directory is only an  example
                                                                                                                     // and must be replaced by the actual user-defined values

   setup.exe /r /f1"N:\TRACE32DVD_201011\bin\setup64\setup.iss"
                                                                                                                    // /r stands for enabling recording the installation process
                                                                                                                     // /f1 defines the file which will contain the recorded installation actions

Step through the complete TRACE32 installation process, the record will be saved in the setup.iss file.

3. Start a silence TRACE32 installation with the following instruction on a different PC:

 setup.exe /s /f1"N:\TRACE32DVD_201011\bin\setup64\setup.iss"   // /s means silence installation mode

If InstallShield didn't work correctly with a record file on the network drive, please use the following default place C:\rul\setup.iss instead.

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