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Is it possible to concatenate multiple trace recordings? - Knowledgebase / Tracing - Lauterbach Support

Is it possible to concatenate multiple trace recordings?

It is possible to concatenate multiple trace recording when using the Trace method Analyzer, CAnalyzer or Onchip.

First save the trace contents to a file using the Trace.SAVE command:


The first saved trace recording can then be loaded with the command Trace.FILE:


Subsequent trace recordings can then be appended using the command Trace.JOINFILE:

Trace.JOINFILE ; execute command without parameter to close loaded trace file

The loaded trace file has to be closed by executing Trace.JOINFILE without parameters.

The option /TIMEGAP can be used to allow a seamless concatenation with regard to the timestamp:


Refer for more information to the documentation of the Trace.JOINFILE command in General Commands Reference Guide T

Note: streaming files saved with Trace.STREAMFILE and loaded with Trace.STREAMLOAD cannot be concatenated. You first need to save the files with Trace.SAVE and concatenate the resulting *.ad file.

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Ramanujan Rangan
Is Trace data can only be saved in *.ad format? or is it possible to save it as *.bin?
Khaled Jmal
You can also save the trace in different other formats including binary. Please refer to the description of the .EXPORT command group in
Howerton, Jason
is Trace.Save work per each core instance? So if running in AMP mode on TC375TE and I have all 3 main cores open in their own instance, it seems I have to run from each instance to make 3 files and then trace.load in each instance to view them again. I thought the trace buffer was all one and each instance was just picking out the core.assigned to that instance. Could there be an option for to save all cores captured instead of just the core assigned to that instance? Yes, I know I could run in SMP, but sometimes , like with HSM on TC3xx, it is Arm and will not run in SMP with the main cores.
Khaled Jmal
Hello Jason, Trace.SAVE has to be executed on each instance when you have an APM setup.

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