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Is it possible to run an external program from within TRACE32 PowerView? - Knowledgebase / PRACTICE - Lauterbach Support

Is it possible to run an external program from within TRACE32 PowerView?

Depending on what you actually want to do, one of the following commands should be suitable to run any external program or batch file:

  • OS.Area < cmdline > : Output in AREA window (blocking)
  • OS.Window < cmdline > : Output in "OS.Window" window (blocking) inside PowerView
  • OS.screen < cmdline > : On Windows, the command gets directly executed without a shell. The output of a console application is shown in a temporary command window. On Linux, the output is in the shell, which started the TRACE32 GUI (non-blocking)
  • OS.Hidden < cmdline > : No output anywhere (blocking)
  • OS.Command < cmdline > : Output in system shell, which allows redirects (non-blocking on Windows / blocking on Linux unless you add an ampersand &)

Please refer to the PowerView Function Reference for more information.

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I have tried the non blocking os.screen and command to run a python script which captures trace32 window and saves it in wordfile. but in the screenshot i am not able to see the breakpoint set on a function. in the script i am opening the breakpoint list window. here is my code BREAK.List WAIT 1.s BREAK.Set sieve1 RePeaT ( Go WAIT !STATE.RUN() os.hidden python D:\ break.delete sieve1 go ) I can see there is option in file menu called window screenshot to file, but i am not able to find the command.
Khaled Jmal


the command to take a screenshot of a TRACE32 window is SCreenShot


WinPOS ,,,,,,myWin


SCreenShot "~~~/screenshot.png" PNG myWin


Refer fore more details to ide_ref.pdf

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