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Is it possible to use multiple Mixed-Signal Probes at the same time? - Knowledgebase / Tracing - Lauterbach Support

Is it possible to use multiple Mixed-Signal Probes at the same time?

Yes, there are two ways to use multiple Mixed-Signal Probes at the same time:

  • Connect one Mixed-Signal Probe to port B of your CombiProbe 2 (accessible via the CIProbe command group) and one Mixed-Signal Probe to your PowerTrace Serial 2 or PowerTrace III (accessible via the IProbe command group). In this case, both probes can be controlled via the same TRACE32 PowerView GUI.

  • Use multiple debuggers in a PodBus SYNC chain, each with its own CombiProbe and/or PowerTrace module. Each debugger will require its own TRACE32 PowerView GUI, but it is possible to use the PodBus SYNC’s timestamp synchronization and XTrack feature to correlate the separate trace recordings.

Please note that the time synchronisation between the channels of different Mixed-Signal Probes will be worse than between channels of the same Mixed-Signal Probe. Expect the timestamps to have an offset in the order of 100 ns.

There is no support for protocol analysis combining digital channels of separate Mixed-Signal Probes. However. it is possible to decode different protocols or different instances of the same protocol with multiple Mixed-Signal Probes.

Only one power channel can be used for Energy Trace Analysis (ETA) at one given time, but it is possible to switch channels without starting a new trace recording.

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