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[Linux] Troubleshooting an awareness problem - Knowledgebase / OS-aware debugging - Lauterbach Support

[Linux] Troubleshooting an awareness problem

There is a problem related to the setup of the Linux awareness if:

  • All or some awareness windows (e.g. TASK.DTask, TASK.Process) show errors or are hatched.

  • Current task cannot be displayed after Linux has booted, and the target has been stopped: "(task error)" or "(other)". The space-id 0xFFFF is displayed in the List window

First, try to disable the translation with TRANSlation.OFF. If you get better results, then the problem is related to wrong translation settings. Auto-detection scripts are available now for Arm and Arm64 under:


Please read the script header carefully.

Next, check if the loaded vmlinux matches the executed kernel binary:

  • Get the target Linux banner by execution the command cat /proc/version in the terminal window
  • Load the vmlinux file including code into the debugger virtual memory with Data.LOAD.Elf vmlinux AVM:0 /NoSymbol
  • Dump the linux_banner from loaded vmlinux: Data AVM:linux_banner /NoHex /NoOrient
  • Compare both strings including timestamps

Often the problem is caused by the kernel configuration "Reduce debugging information" (CONFIG_DEBUG_REDUCED)

Refer for more information to Training Linux Debugging.

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