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[Linux] Warning of a deprecated "t32m*-qt TRACE32 executable - Knowledgebase / Setup / update - Lauterbach Support

[Linux] Warning of a deprecated "t32m*-qt TRACE32 executable

Under Linux there were two executables for each architecture: "t32m*" and "t32m*-qt" in the past (before 29 June 2019).
With the new shared library mechanism, "t32m*-qt" is replaced by a notification bash script.

If you get a warning after a TRACE32 software update like Warning: starting /home/t32/bin/pc_linux/t32marm-qt is deprecated, see

Please replace the executable name "t32m*-qt" by the corresponding name "t32m*" (without " -qt ") in your start script or command line.

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