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"no response from InterCom" error message - Knowledgebase / TRACE32 PowerView - Lauterbach Support

"no response from InterCom" error message

You are using InterCom communication for TRACE32 on your PC. This was activated by a setting in the active configuration for your TRACE32-SW. Either by the InterCom setting in the t32start configuration or inside your TRACE32 config file (default name config.t32).

The InterCom communication is typically needed if two or more TRACE32 applications shall communicate together (via UDP) as that could be the case in AMP Multicore debug sessions.

The "no response from InterCom" message appears if the default time-out of 500ms to acknowledge an InterCom command exceed. That typically happens if several PoverView Instances have to share the bandwidth of only one debug port. The needed bandwidth could be reduced by decreasing the update rate for each TRACE32 application.

   SETUP.URATE <time> or <frequency>

If that is not sufficient or the resulting update rate becomes unacceptable the InterCom acknowledge time-out could be increased since Build Revision 34366 with following command as well.


The default InterCom command acknowledge time-out has been hold as low as possible to keep PRACTICE execution performance, in case of non-existent InterCom participants, in an acceptable range!

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