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What is the memory size used by the Mixed-Signal Probe? - Knowledgebase / Tracing - Lauterbach Support

What is the memory size used by the Mixed-Signal Probe?

The Mixed-Signal Probe is an add-on module for the CombiProbe 2, MicroTrace and PowerTrace-III that adds a 12-channel logic analyzer, 6 voltage channels and 2 current channels. Refer for more information to

The memory is shared 50:50 between trace and Mixed-Signal probe. The number displayed CAnalyzer.SIZE or CIProbe.SIZE is however displayed in the unit of “records”, and what a record is depends on the type of trace. For the Mixed-Signal-Probe, a record is always 32 bits and contains a timestamp with either an analog sample or the values of all digital signals.

Example: if the Mixed-Signal Probe is used together with a MicroTrace, then it gets half of the trace memory, i.e. 128Mbyte as the MicroTrace as 256Mbyte trace memory. The displayed size in TRACE32 for the Mixed-Signal-Probe is then 128Mbyte / 32 bits = 32M. 

For digital signals, the Mixed-Signal Probe records signal changes (transients). The trace recording time depends thus on the number of times the recorded signals change. In the worst case, the signal would change with every sample. It is also possible to exclude a signal transient detection with the command

NAME.Set CIProbe.01 < some_name > NoTransient

TRACE32 additionally supports STREAM mode for the Mixed-Signal Probe: If the setup generates less than about 35 Mi records per second on average, the data can be transferred to the host on the fly with the MicroTrace acting as a large FIFO.

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