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Why do I get a file version conflict after software update? - Knowledgebase / Setup / update - Lauterbach Support

Why do I get a file version conflict after software update?

  • When the TRACE32 software for more than one processer architecture is installed in the same TRACE32 system directory, but not, a software update for all architectures is done.
  • When the update package is used without a preceding TRACE32 software installation.
      The software update doesn't contain a config file. If you create a copy of the original config file, please don't forget to adapt the system directory in the config file.

        SYS=<new system directory>

Otherwise, the version of the executable won't match with the rest of the TRACE32 files.

  • This problem can be encountered if you are updating from a software version older than November 2010 due to a change in the internal subdirectory structure of the update packages starting from software version November 2010.
    In software version from November 2010 and newer, the TRACE32 executables are located inside a subdirectory bin\<operating_systemtype> e.g. bin\windows64.

 We recommend using the new directory structure and to possibly modify shortcuts that are calling the TRACE32 executables directly from the installation directory (e.g. C:\T32)

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