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Why does TRACE32 no longer start the script t32.cmm? - Knowledgebase / TRACE32 PowerView - Lauterbach Support

Why does TRACE32 no longer start the script t32.cmm?

TRACE32 build 99519 (August 2018) and newer start the following scripts automatically after the application start:

  1. TRACE32 first executes the file autostart.cmm from the TRACE32 system directory (usually C:\T32).
  2. autostart.cmm normally starts then the following scripts:
    • system-settings.cmm (from the TRACE32 system directory)
    • user-settings.cmm (from the user settings directory (on Windows %APPDATA%\TRACE32 or ~/.trace32 otherwise))
    • work-settings.cmm (from the current working directory)
  3. Finally TRACE32 executes additionally the file specified on the command line (or in T32Start).

If the file autostart.cmm does not exist in the TRACE32 system directory, TRACE32 build 99519 (and later) will fall back to the previous autostart-mechanism and start t32.cmm (if no start script was specified on the command line (or in T32Start))

The file autostart.cmm will be provided by Lauterbach and should not be changed, because every software update from Lauterbach will restore the file.

Individual settings should be added in the files system-settings.cmm, user-settings.cmm and work-settings.cmm (which will not be changed by Lauterbach).


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