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Support for manycore systems - News / Multicore - Lauterbach Support

Dec 14 2021

Support for manycore systems

Lauterbach extends its multicore debugging solution to debug chips that include many identical cores. The new catchword is iAMP, which means integrated Asymmetric Multiprocessing. TRACE32 iAMP now allows identical, logically coupled cores to be debugged via a single GUI instance. What sounds simple at first is a challenging task. Many core systems are typically operated by multiple operating systems. Even though there is just one global physical address space, each OS maintains its own set of virtual address spaces. The high art of debugging is now to provide the debugger with the complete details of the operating systems, the MMU translations and all other aspects of the software architecture in such a way, that a seamless debugging of such a manycore system is guaranteed. Once it is determined which cores form the iAMP system, the basis for iAMP debugging is that cores that use the same instance of an OS are grouped and assigned to a machine by the TASK.Create.MACHINE command. Once the machines have been defined, code and symbols as well as the OS-awareness have to be loaded to these. After this basic setup debugging can be started.

For more details refer to our new manual Application Note for iAMP Debugging..

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