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Installing TRACE32 on Ubuntu Linux machine

Hello, I am trying to install TRACE32 on UBUNTU linux machine. I did the installation part following the user guide, after running the command to start the TRACE32:
/home/gena/t32/bin/pc_linux64/t32marm -c /home/gena/t32/config_usb.t32
I got the follwing ERROR mesage:
/home/gena/t32/bin/pc_linux64/t32marm: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Could you please help me to resolve the issue?


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Khaled Jmal
Hello Genady, which TRACE32 version are you using? You can get the version by running "bin/pc_linux64/t32version t32marm" Regards, Khaled
Genady Niazov
Hi Khaled, I ran the specified command by you to extract the TRACE32 SW version. The output is: Sw.Version: R.2014.09.000058270 (Release Sep 2014)
Genady Niazov
My debugger supports only the specified TRACE32 version. The TRACE32 SW installed on Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS
Khaled Jmal
This library is not used any more by newer TRACE32 versions. You can either try to install it or use the qt version (t32marm-qt)

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