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Issues in setting endianess using CMM file in RX72N processor - Community / Board Bring-Up - Lauterbach Support


Issues in setting endianess using CMM file in RX72N processor

Hi, Good day.

I am working on RX72N processor and for the project needs, we need to set this as Big Endian from the trace32 cmm file. I have seen the samples provided by Trace32 folder and took a reference of it for the requirement of changing the endian.

The problem what I am seeing is that even when I change the values of MDE register to Big Endian (0xf8f8f8f8) in the cmm file, the values are not reflecting back and still it is in the Little Endian value 0xffffffff. Attaching the piece of code that I expect to work. Also attaching the whole cmm file with it for reference.


; Setting the Big Endian directly on the MDE register
Data.Set 0xFE7F5D00 %Long &mde
SYStem.Up ; force RESET to sample new endianess
GOSUB ENDIANESS ; get target endianess
GOSUB FLASHSETUP ; Flash declaration + Binary selection
GOSUB PLLINIT ; PLL setup for 12MHz crystal -> 96MHz system-clk


&TargetEndian=Data.Long(D:0xFE7F5D00) ; MDE register

IF (&TargetEndian==0xffffffff)
; ******** Expecting it to come here but it is not **********
SYStem.Option BE OFF
PRINT "Target: Little Endian"
SYStem.Option BE ON
PRINT "Target: Big Endian"


Let me know if I am missing anything in the code. Also, let me know if you need anything.

Official response

Khaled Jmal

sorry for the late reply. This was due to an error in the Flash binary which has been fixed now. Please request a nightly software update by opening a ticket at and refer to this community post.

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