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Open more than 1 t32 instance Awaiting Agent

Hello, a dumb question on opening multiple t32 instances, there are multiple cores in my SoC, after I run t32marm to open one instance for my first core, how can I open more for the rest? I tried to run t32marm again from my command line, but it failed due to "cannot open TCP socket", is there a way to open another PowerView instance from the current instance?

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Firas Zouaghi

Hello Richard,

To start a second TRACE32 instance from the first instance, you can utilize the command TargetSystem.NewInstance.

For more detailed information, please refer to the "Multicore Debugging and Tracing" section in our documentation:

Refer to the description of the command TargetSystem.NewInstance in the document :

Best regards.

Richard Chen
Thank you Firas for the quick response!

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