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SMP dEBUGGING is not Synchronized

I am trying to debug Free RTOS-SMP on quad core,4 A53 cores. While I am trying the step in on 4 cores, the step in is not synchronized in the 4 cores .Any one tell how to synchronize the step in all the 4 cores

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Khaled Jmal
Hello Rohit, can you please share more details?

- how do you set up the debugger for SMP debugging?
- what kind of single step do you perform (assembly or source-level single step)?
Khaled Jmal
Hello again,
I did not pay attention when writing my first reply to the attached screenshot. When in assembly level, single steps are only performed on the selected core. This behavior cannot be changed. Source level single steps are however performed on all cores. You can switch between assembly / mixed and source level view with the Mode command: Mode.Asm / Mode.Mix / Mode.Hll
Please refer for more information to chapters "Single Stepping on Assembler Level" and "Single Stepping on High-Level Language Level"

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