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Step into function call via function pointer Awaiting Agent

I am using some function pointers like in the attached picture.
But T32 wont step into the function.
Current work arround is to disable global Interrupts and step in assembly mode from the subsequent "calli" statement into the callee.

Am I missing something?
How can I make the "Step" button work for this?

Target CPU: TC399XE
PowerDebug X50
TRACE32 for TriCore
Release Feb 2023 (64-bit)
Software Version: R.2023.02.000159199
Build: 156181--159199.

Windows 10
Hightec Compiler

Kind regards

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Moez Mefteh
Hello, Actually there are two TRACE32 commands that disable interrupts while: High-level language (HLL) single-stepping: SYStem.Option.IMASKASM ON Assembler single-stepping: SYStem.Option.IMASKHLL ON By using these commands, the interrupt mask bits will be set during single-step operations, and after the step is completed, they will be restored to their values before the step. You can find a detailed description of these commands at the following link:

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