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T2080 boot up - Community / Other Use Cases - Lauterbach Support

I am trying to boot up T2080 RDB board from NXP via Trace32 and i am using hardware RCW for the same. The issue i am facing is that when i am trying to use the default script from Lauterbach and i load my elf file everything runs properly but shows no script loaded. We changed the CCSRBAR to 0x40000000 and setup LAW windows based on that.

Please let me know what might be the issue and what steps should be followed for booting up from hardware RCW.

Note - The data load command has been removed for now because of our data privacy.


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Mohamed Ayoub Daalouch
Hello Vismay, There seems to be a little mistake with the script parameters. I've edited the script you sent and attached it back please try it and update me if it works correctly. You might already know this but for your use-case you should call it with the SETRCW parameter: CD.DO C:\Users\mdaalouch\Desktop\t2080-spi_customer.cmm SETRCW Best Regards, Ayoub

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