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[MPC5xxx] Can the Nexus port totally be disabled? - Knowledgebase / FAQs by core architecture / MPC5xxx / SPC5xx - Lauterbach Support

[MPC5xxx] Can the Nexus port totally be disabled?

For the case the NEXUS port is not needed for any reason or if the Nexus probe is just used as a replacement for a JTAG dongle, the Nexus client can be disabled. Any NEXUS activity at the NEXUS related pins are then turned off.

To establish that behavior NEXUS.OFF must be used.

However, take care if this command is used after system startup. If one disables the Nexus client before the correct CPU is detected or setup (SYStem.Up), the NEXUS client will be re-enabled automatically after the particular CPU has been recognized.

To avoid this behavior, use the command SYStem.DETECT.CPU as one of the first commands before any SYStem.Up instruction in your start-up script.

If NEXUS.OFF is an unknown command, ask for a SW update.

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