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[MPC5xxx] Is 16 bit MDO operation supported? - Knowledgebase / FAQs by core architecture / MPC5xxx / SPC5xx - Lauterbach Support

[MPC5xxx] Is 16 bit MDO operation supported?

TRACE32 PowerTools support MDO16 operation with the NEXUS adapter LA-7630 (NEXUS AutoFocus). LA-7610 and LA-7612 do not support MDO16.

  • Note for Mictor38 connection (LA-7631): The standardized Mictor38 connector for NEXUS only defines 12 MDO signals (MDO0..11). The signals MDO12..15 were added later and assigned to reserved pins. To avoid any risk of damage, LA-7631 (converter LA-7630/Mictor76 to Mictor38) does not connect these signals by default. In order to enable MDO16 operation, J100..J103 on top of the LA-7631 have to be closed using 0 Ohm resistors. If the 0 Ohm resistors are mounted on the adapter, take care that no voltage level more than 5V is connected on targets which do not support MDO16.
  • The Glenair51 connector (Adapter LA-7632) does NOT support MDO16.
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