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[TriCore] MCDS commands locked - Knowledgebase / FAQs by core architecture / TriCore - Lauterbach Support

[TriCore] MCDS commands locked

The MCDS command group is locked if the selected CPU does not have an MCDS.

Some TC2xx and TC3xx variants, e.g. ADAS or Extended Feature (Feature Packages A and X) have MCDS or MCDSlight implemented and available, but not tested by Infineon during the production. Starting from R.2021.02, TRACE32 disabled MCDS support for non-emulation devices: TRACE32 will only enable MCDS for devices where MCDS or MCDSlight are officially supported by Infineon (e.g. Emulation Devices and ADAS+Trace devices). In case the chip has a miniMCDS, this is always tested. Thus, MCDS support for these devices remains enabled. The error message "command locked" can thus appear after a TRACE32 software update.

If the debug cable you are using does not include an MCDS license LA-3799X, then the onchip trace functionality is only available in a time-limited demo mode. The MCDS commands will be locked in this case after the expiration of this demo time. 

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