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Introducing t32covtool - The Code Coverage Merging and Reporting Tool - News / Functional Safety - Lauterbach Support

Mar 4 2024

Introducing t32covtool - The Code Coverage Merging and Reporting Tool

Lauterbach now offers a command-line tool for consolidating the results of multiple code coverage test runs performed at different times, with different builds, or using different target configurations. An HTML file can be generated for analysis and documentation purposes. t32covtool is compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems.

By employing the COVerage.ADD command, TRACE32 measures code coverage across all source code metrics using recorded trace data, storing the outcomes within its internal code coverage system. Subsequent executions of COVerage.ADD seamlessly handle additional trace recordings, ensuring a progressive update to the internal code coverage system. A comparable workflow is applied to live code coverage (RTS, SPY).


After concluding the test run, the outcomes for all source code metrics, stored within TRACE32's internal code coverage system, can be exported to a JSON file. Supported source code metrics include statement, decision and condition coverage, MC/DC, as well as call and function coverage. Export is restricted to functions with loaded symbols.

Lauterbach uses these JSON files to merge the TRACE32 code coverage results from various test runs with the special command line tool t32covtool. At the same time, these results are translated into a visually appealing HTML report.


Lauterbach's open and extended JSON format permits also processing of code coverage measurements by any third-party tool.

Commands: COVerage.EXPORT.JSONE

Supported core architectures: all

For details refer to the chapter TRACE32 Merge and Report Tool in manual app_code_coverage.pdf.

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