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FreeRTOS-SMP Debugging

Hi Team,
I am trying to debug FreeRTOS-SMP on quad core using Trace 32.
(i) I want to know How can I see the registers of all the 4 cores at a time?
(ii) Also How can I debug (step into the codes ) all the 4 cores at the same time .
To do all these what changes I have to do in the .cmm file

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Khaled Jmal
Hello Rohit, first, you use an SMP CPU selection in TRACE32 PowerView. If you can give me more information about your target processor, then I could help you more with this. Please then have a look to "SMP Concept" and "Basic Debugging (SMP)" in
Rohith R
My target processor contain 4 A53 core. So that I have to run the code on all this 4 cores. I can load and run the program but i don't know on which core the code is running. I want to view the registers of all cores as a part of debug. I need 4 debug windows ,one for each core so that when i step in the code i can see it on all the 4 cores. Here I am adding some portion of my .cmm file. SYStem.CPU XXXX SYStem.CONFIG CORE 1. 1. CORE.ASSIGN 1. 2. 3. 4. ************************************ Data.LOAD.Elf "xxx_smp.elf" ;.out smp file for 4 core Register.Set PC _init_ /CORE 1. Register.Set PC _init_ /CORE 2. Register.Set PC _init_ /CORE 3. Go _init_ Mode.Hll WinPOS 0. 0. 116. 26. By this code a single window with _init_ code portion will come.It may be the 4th core.
Khaled Jmal
You need to open a List window with the /CORE option: /CORE 0 /CORE 1 /CORE 2 /CORE 3
Rohith R
I have tried with this. Now I can see the code snippet and registers of all the 4 cores at the same time. But Now there is a problem when debugging, step in it is not properly step in all the 4 core simultaneoulsy. Is it the issue with .cmm file?
Rohith R
Also List /CORE Register.view /CORE Go __system_start List /CORE 1. Register.view /CORE 1. Go __system_start List /CORE 2. Register.view /CORE 2. Go __system_start List /CORE 3. Register.view /CORE 3. Go __system_start When I use this code snippet to debug from __system_start in all the 4 cores, core1, core2 and core3 is available. Core 0 __system_start and its registers are not available.

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