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LA3050 boundary scan for NXP RT1050 Awaiting Agent

LA3050 support the NXP RT1050 JTAG boundary scan or not?
If yes, any guider about it?
If we want to also add some delay during the boundary scan testing, how to realize it?

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Ahmed Ghribi
Hello Mr kerry zhou, Yes, you can perform boundary scan tests using the LA-3050, in particular for NXP's RT1050. For more information about Boundary Scan, you can check our User Guide ( and NXP's Introduction to Boundary Scan of i.MX RT Series ( and I am assuming that you are interested in Automated Board Test (page 33 in the mentioned User Guide), please try to use the WAIT command ( after performing boundary scan (BSDL.RUN) and let me know if this meets your requirements. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you require any additional assistance.

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