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Trigger Language to Program MCDS for TriCore™ AURIX™ - News / Trace - Lauterbach Support

Sep 1 2022

Trigger Language to Program MCDS for TriCore™ AURIX™

Precise trace filters and exact triggers are powerful means to analyze, profile and verify the behavior of an embedded system. The Multicore Debug Solution (MCDS) of the Infineon TriCore Aurix chip family offers an extensive register set for this purpose. 

Basic MCDS filter configurations can be done intuitively with the Break.Set command. For advanced, tightly controlled configurations, TRACE32 includes its own trigger programming language (CTL). This language is oriented to the trigger/filter use case and does not require detailed MCDS knowledge. Here is a small example of time monitoring of a function with a catch if the function takes longer than 35us to complete:

CTL is fully multicore-aware and enables triggers/filters not only in the context of program execution but also for bus transactions. Support for the Aurix TC4x is in progress.

Intended users: trace experts.

Minimum software: build 149317 or TRACE32 Release 09/2022.

Supported core architectures: TriCore™ AURIX™ TC2x/TC3x with MCDS or MCDSlight.

For more details, please refer to our new manual app_ctl.pdf.

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