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Access to Peripheral Control/Status Registers by Name - News / Debug - Lauterbach Support

Aug 17 2022

Access to Peripheral Control/Status Registers by Name

An embedded processor/chip interacts with its peripheral devices through a set of control and status registers. These registers are part of the peripheral hardware, and their locations, size, and individual meanings are features of the peripheral. The peripheral status and control registers play an important part in the debug process. Therefore, Lauterbach provides peripheral files for all common processors/chips (PER.view command).

To set a control register or to check a status register in a test script, the register address has, historically, been necessary. The new command PER.Set.ByName now allows the use of the register name as the reference. The functions PER.ADDRESS(< name >), PER.VALUE(< name >), and PER.VALUE.STRING(< name >which use these same register names as their argument are available for use in scripts.

Minimum software: 147535 or TRACE32 Release 09/2022.

Command: PER.Set.ByName, for more information refer to General Commands Reference Guide P

Supported core architectures: all

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