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Lauterbach Tools Seamlessly Connect with Arm® SoCs - News / Debug - Lauterbach Support

May 13 2024

Lauterbach Tools Seamlessly Connect with Arm® SoCs

When connecting a Lauterbach debug and trace tool with your development kit or custom target hardware, your aim is a smooth setup process. Prior familiarity, even during the hardware design phase, greatly enhances the likelihood of swiftly achieving this objective. That's why the recently updated 'Arm Debug and Trace Interface Specification’ manual comprehensively covers all essential information.

  • Comprehensive list of Lauterbach debug probes with detailed connector information

  • Detailed breakdown of all supported debug interfaces, including signal descriptions, AC/DC characteristics, and timings

  • Target layout recommendations and suggested target connectors

  • Sample target board layouts for reference

  • Considerations for reset procedures


  • Overview of Lauterbach probes for parallel and serial trace ports, along with connector details

  • Description of trace signals

  • List of debug and trace adapters/converters

  • Plus more

Supported core architectures: Cortex®-M/R/A/X, SecurCore®, Neoverse™

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