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Analyze accesses to your eMMC device - News / Trace - Lauterbach Support

Jan 18 2022

Analyze accesses to your eMMC device

The widespread use of eMMC storage in many of today’s applications raises the issue of premature device degradation or wear-out resulting from intensive memory usage. To study this possible problem, it is necessary to record the accesses to an eMMC device in order to obtain the required information that can be subsequently analyzed to improve stability and reliability over the device’s expected lifespan. From this kind of analysis, it’s possible to understand how your software application actually accesses a file system mounted on an eMMC and if this can cause premature aging of the NAND-based memory device.

If your CPU SoC has an off-chip trace port, you can use it to monitor the execution of the eMMC commands and their parameters. This TRACE32-based measurement requires only light instrumentation and no target memory, it causes only a tiny time penalty and can be performed over a long period of time due to TRACE32 trace streaming.

For more details refer to our new manual Application Note for eMMC Analysis..

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