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Longer recording time with small onchip trace - News / Trace - Lauterbach Support

Dec 20 2021

Longer recording time with small onchip trace

Onchip trace memories are often very small. The new trace recording mode LeashSTREAM makes it possible to accumulate many small recordings and analyze them as a whole. LeashSTREAM cleverly combines two already well-established recording modes:

  • Leash mode: Stops the program execution when trace is nearly full.

  • STREAM mode: Streams the trace information to the host.

If the trace mode LeashSTREAM is activated, TRACE32 starts the program execution in StopAndGo mode. Whenever the onchip trace memory is almost full, the program is stopped briefly and the trace data is added to the streaming file. After that, the program execution is automatically continued. Obviously, the recording time will usually be much shorter than streaming time. But not all test scenarios are time-critical. MC/DC coverage in the unit testing phase can be performed nicely in this mode even when the onchip trace buffer is very small. Likewise, it is easy to have a general overview of the executed functions.

Commands: Onchip.Mode LeashSTREAM , refer for more information to General Commands Reference Guide O

Minimum software: Build 141508 or TRACE32 Release 02/2022

Supported Core Architecture: RH850, more to follow.

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