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Redesign of MCDS window for AURIX™ TriCore™ - News / Trace - Lauterbach Support

Feb 1 2022

Redesign of MCDS window for AURIX™ TriCore™

In preparation for trace support for the AURIX TC4x, Lauterbach has redesigned the commands for MCDS control. The goal was intuitive operation despite increasingly complex MCDS resources. While the previous operating concept allowed a direct setting of the MCDS resources by TRACE32 commands, the new operating concept focuses on the requirements of the trace user and relieves him from implementation details.


Scripts that TRACE32 users have created for the AURIX TC3x can continue to be used in the long term. For the AURIX TC4x, the new commands will have to be used in the future.

Minimum software: build 143651 or TRACE32 Release 02/2022.
Supported core architectures: AURIX TC3x and TC4x

For more details refer to update_mcds_control.pdf

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