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Aug 1 2022

Off-Line Analysis of OS Scenarios

Off-Line Analysis of OS Scenarios

Every developer knows situations where it is quite helpful to be able to save the current state of his embedded system and to analyze it offline later. Be it that you then have more time for it, or that you want to discuss the whole scenario again with a colleague. For offline analysis, Lauterbach supplies its TRACE32 Instruction Set Simulators.

However, saving the current system state can be quite challenging, especially if you are using a rich OS such as Linux. To enable TRACE32 users to perform this dump easily and completely, the OS menus for FreeRTOS, Linux and QNX offer a dedicated "Generate RAM Dump" menu item. When this menu item is selected, the PRACTICE script restore_< datecode >.cmm is generated. Before an offline analysis in the TRACE32 Instruction Set Simulator, this then only has to be started. Refer for more information to the attached PDF.

Minimum software: TRACE32 Release 09/2022.

Supported core architectures: Arm Cortex, PowerArchitecture, RISC-V

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